Is my dog crated at night?
If your dog is crated at home we do offer crates at camp. Often we get puppies who protest bed time…sound familiar? We do often crate these dogs because they can’t distinguish play time from bed time. However, if you do NOT use crates we have plenty of beds, blankets, cots, and couches for you pup to find a place to sleep. 

Where do they sleep?
Everywhere! We have dog beds, blankets and pillows scattered all over the house. There are also couches and easy chairs.

Can I send his bed?
Probably not a great idea. Everyone else will sleep in it while your dog selects a new cozy spot to try out. Plus, there's no guarantee it won't get shredded and not be returned in good condition.
Do you offer nap/lunch time?
Yes! At mid-day we offer the puppy’s and the dogs with fast metabolisms lunch along with naptime. 

My dog is due for his/her heartworm medication while they're away.
Can you give it to him/her?

We certainly can. Just put the meds in a baggie with his/her name and the date it should be given. Rest assured it will be administered right on time.

Do you do any training?
Although we don't do any formal training, we are happy to address any specific issues you have, ie: jumping up, rushing at food bowls, mouthing, house training and basic commands.

Can my dog get out and run away?
Our yards are enclosed with 6 foot cyclone fencing. The gates are kept locked. Only dogs with good recall are taken out to the off leash unfenced areas for hiking and swimming. We've never (knock wood) lost a dog.

If my dog doesn’t have perfect recall, can he or she still go hiking?
That is okay! We have open space for your dog to run around with his or her new friends. Also, we have harnesses along with 30ft leashes that allow us to take your dog out hiking. Without letting go of the leash your pup receives the same experience as those who are off leash.

Can I tip my dogs counselor?
Tips are never expected but always appreciated.

Why are baths the default in my total bill?
In the years we have been working with dogs we know that dogs LOVE to be dirty and we as pet parents prefer them to be clean. Our solution is bathing them before they return home. The majority of our clients prefer baths so if your pup does not get a bath then we must crate them in the van for the return trip so we can avoid dirtying the clean dogs. Our baths are very reasonably priced and include nail clipping, a thorough ear cleaning, teeth wiped with dental wipes and their collars washed.
Please be sure to let us know if you would NOT like your dog to be bathed before the return.


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