Has your vet told you that your pup needs to lose weight? If so let us help! Obesity is a growing epidemic for pets. An estimated 21% of our furry companions are not just overweight but obese. These numbers are expanding on a yearly basis.

At Town & Country Pet Boarding our new “Fit Club” is aimed at helping your dog jump start his or her weight loss. Using a high quality low fat kibble formula we manage your dog’s food intake in correlation with his or her size, age, and activity. Your pup will also receive plenty of fun filled exercise with friends…they won’t even know they are working out! To see results we recommend a two to three week program.

The “Fit Club” program requires NO EXTRA charges. We have been successful with many of our “rounder” friends in the past; let us help yours in the fight against canine obesity. Obesity robs our pets of length and quality of life. Losing those pounds will make your pup, healthier, happier and lead a much more enjoyable life. Just mention “Fit Club” when you book and start your pup on the road to good health.

After all, that is your best friend!