Vet Policy
If your dog is injured or becomes ill, and the injury or illness is of a nature where I would take my own dog to the veterinarian, I will take your dog to the vet. If the illness or injury is pre-existing or is due to lack of inoculation you will be responsible for all reasonable and customary charges associated with the veterinary care.

Although we supervise the dogs closely, it is the nature of dogs to occasionally get into fights. We know how to stop fights and clean up small wounds. If we see an infection beginning or the wound requires more than simple First Aid, we will take your dog to the vet. If your dog caused the fight (ie: attacking another dog without significant provocation), both vet bills, your dog's and the victim's, are your responsibility.

Aggressive Dogs
We're not a kennel, we're a camp! That is why your dogs are not kept in individual runs or in cages. We attempt to accept only well socialized dogs who enjoy the company of others (both dogs and human others.)
Occasionally, a new dog-camper arrives who is way too aggressive for our style of boarding. And sometimes, it is a returning camper who has undergone trauma and the owners have neglected to tell us. Perhaps the owner didn't realize how their dog would behave away from home, perhaps in their pursuit of a quality boarding experience they "overstated" their dog's friendly, well-socialized personality.

We carefully screen and interview, but occasionally a dog arrives and he or she is just too aggressive for a Town and Country experience. If a dog becomes aggressive and is seen as a real threat to other dogs or humans, we will separate the dog from others and attempt to make home contact. It may become necessary and prudent to move the dog to nearby boarding kennel. Should this occur, we will, of course, notify the owner as soon and possible and not host that dog again.

For everyone's peace of mind, we will not accept dogs with a known history of aggression. To help us give your dog a fun and safe vacation, please remember to notify us of any recent home changes, emotional or physical trauma your dog experiences between visits to Town and Country.


Town & Country Pet Boarding offers your pet a unique blend of fun, love, adventure, and security.

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