Marian is the owner of Town & Country and comes to dog camp as her second career, having taught high school
biology for 30 years in New York City. After handling 36 students in a class-room, dogs are easy!

These lovely women are the ones who keep your dogs happy and healthy. They supervise the dogs
so they stay out of trouble but they also give your dog the individual attention they desire.

~ Some of you may have spoken with me on the phone as I have been working with Marian in the office and getting to know all of you and your wonderful pets. I am not exaggerating when I say that I have grown up at Town & Country. This will be my 10th year here and the passion and drive to care for your dogs continues on and grows stronger. I have my own pup, Spike, whom I took on after he was surrendered by a client who was unable to keep him. As dog parents, we all understand your concerns and appreciate your willingness to leave your dogs in our care. After being here for so long and seeing repeat clients I believe that your family extends into our family at Town & Country Pet Boarding.

~ I have been here for just about six years. I continue to love caring for dogs. I personally own three of my own. Life would not be the same if I wasn’t surrounded by dogs all the time. The best decision I have made thus far in life is taking a career in pet care and especially for the dogs I meet here!

~ This will be my 10th year at Town & country Pet Boarding. I have loved growing up and meeting so many new dogs. I have two Chihuahuas Luke and Rube. They are my everything and I know everyone’s love for their dogs is immeasurable. My favorite time is cuddle time when I get to snuggle with all of the pups!

~ This will be my second year at Town & Country. I was introduced to the job and haven’t been able to imagine working any other job. I have a border collie, Myles, whose interests include hiking, chewing, and soon to be swimming. He is still learning! It has been a pleasure getting to know every single dog and each of their unique personalities. I look forward to many more years!

~ This will be my seventh year at Town & Country. I have two pets of my own. I continue loving and caring for all of your dogs at camp.

~ I have worked at Town & Country for a little over a year now. I own an American bulldog, Juicy, who is my baby. I also own two shih tzus. I love working outdoors. In the future I plan to be a vet tech.


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