Dropping your dog off
We all know how hard leaving your pup is! However, when your pup gets in the van we ask that you walk away afterward. It becomes very confusing and upsetting to your dog to see you on the opposite side of the door or window glass. We have no problems with you checking in on them once they get to camp, but for the sake of your pup it is better to make quick goodbyes.

Central Locations/ Timing

If you need a heads up for when the bus is picking up your pup please make sure to clarify that before the day of pick up. We do our best with giving everyone an ETA, but it is possible that we are late or early. We canít predict everything that will happen on the drive, but we do our very best! If you need to reach the drivers in the van the cell number is 917.364.5732.

If you are meeting the van please be sure to wait for our call. We do not want to leave anyone out waiting in the rain, snow, or cold.

Finally, please be kind and patient. The drivers are making a round trip and are in the car for many hours. Their first concern is always for the safety of your dogs so if they are delayed please be understanding.


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