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Our New Van!
For our long time clients, no more looking for the white van to pull up! Our new van is forest green with a heightened roof. Our license plate of k9 camp remains the same!

Shot Requirements

We do, by law, require a current rabies vaccination. If your dog is titred instead, please mention this as we need paperwork to prove that. Up to date distemper inoculation is highly recommended.

We do not require the “Kennel Cough/Bordetella” or “Dog Influenza” vaccinations, however our vet highly recommends them. To remind everyone the shots are not 100% effective. It is still possible for your dog to get kennel cough or doggy influenza if they have received vaccinations. Like the human flu, the dog flu and kennel cough have many different forms of the virus.

The kennel cough vaccination is a live virus injected or inhaled to produce an immune reaction. We ask that if you are giving your dog the kennel cough (bordetella) shot to give it AT LEAST 1 WEEK before coming to camp. Since newly inoculated dogs are carrying the live virus they can sometimes cause a cough in other dogs.


Holiday Reservations
Because we book so quickly for the holidays, we often wind up with a waiting list. Therefore, we will ask for a 5 night non refundable deposit for Christmas and 4 nights for Thanksgiving. Credit cards are now accepted and we can take your information over the phone.

Town & Country Pet Boarding offers your pet a unique blend of fun, love, adventure, and security.

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