Located in a small NH town on over seven wooded acres, Town and Country Pet Boarding is a dream vacation for any dog, especially those who love the great outdoors.


After vacation, your dog will be very happy and maybe happily dirty. That’s what camp is all about; running, rolling, hiking, playing. Treat your dog to a bath on home-coming day.


We are frequently asked if we board small dogs and the answer is emphatically YES! Yorkies, papillions, chihuahuas, shihtzus, dachshunds, pugs and any mixed small breed.


Where do they sleep?
Everywhere!  We have dog beds, blankets and pillows scattered all over the house. There are also couches and easy chairs.

Come Visit Us!

We are very proud of our facility and you are always welcome to come and check us out. Although we cannot accommodate human visitors overnight, there is a lovely Inn in town and we’ll be happy to take your dog overnight if you choose not to make the round trip in one day. There are also motels in nearby Keene, NH that do allow dogs.

Holiday Reservations

Because we book so quickly for the holidays, we often have a waiting list so be sure to book early. With that being said, we do ask for a 5 night non-refundable deposit for Christmas and a 4 night non-refundable deposit for Thanksgiving. Credit cards are now accepted and we can take your information over the phone.

Fit Club

Has your vet told you that your pup needs to lose weight?  If so, let us help! Low-fat kibble and lots of exercise is a great beginning…

Meals & Meds

At Town and Country we can feed and treat your dog the way they’re treated at home… Meals and Meds administered your way.

Van Etiquette

We all know how hard leaving your pup is. When they board the van, give a quick goodbye and their departure is made easier…

What's New

Look for our new forest green van with a heightened roof. Our license plate of K9 Camp remains the same!

Packing Tips

We have a list of do’s and don’t’s to make your pet’s trip comfortable. These are things we’ve found that help them travel easier…


We’re not a kennel, we’re a camp! Our policies are designed to keep your dog safe while he/she vacations with us…

Your Dog's New Home-Away-From-Home!

For those of us who adore our pets, it’s hard to go away and not feel guilty about where we leave them. At last there is a solution. Send your dog to camp! Not a kennel or an ordinary boarding facility…Town & Country Pet Boarding offers your pet a unique blend of fun, love, adventure, and security.

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