For those of us who adore our dogs, it’s hard to go away and not feel a wee bit guilty about leaving them behind. Town and Country dog camp lets you head out care-free and worry-free. Not a kennel or an ordinary boarding facility, Town & Country offers your pet a unique blend of fun, love, adventure and security.

Established in 1998 and located in a small New Hampshire town on over 7 wooded acres, we are a dream vacation for any dog, especially those who love the great outdoors. The time we spend outside is weather and dog-temperament dependent, but, just about every dog enjoys running, walking and sniffing through the grass, water, leaves and snow. The active part of a dog-day at Town & Country can last for 8-9 hours which allows plenty of time for hiking, swimming, playing tag, fetch and hide & seek (some of our favorites) with time for breaks, belly rubs and a good night’s sleep. For older or less active dogs, all activities are offered with modification. So leave guilty feelings at home as you, and your dog, enjoy your time away!

Fit Club

Has your vet told you that your pup needs to lose weight?  If so, let us help! Low-fat kibble and lots of exercise is a great beginning…Read More »

Meals & Meds

At Town and Country we can feed and treat your dog the way they’re treated at home… Meals and Meds administered your way.Read More »

Van Etiquette

We all know how hard leaving your pup is. When they board the van, give a quick goodbye and their departure is made easier…Read More »

What's New

Please welcome Jenna!  Jenna has been with us since she was eleven years old and has grown up working here.Read More »

Packing Tips

We have a list of do’s and don’t’s to make your pet’s trip comfortable. These are things we’ve found that help them travel easier…Read More »


We’re not a kennel, we’re a camp! Our policies are designed to keep your dog safe while he/she vacations with us…Read More »

Your Dog's New Home-Away-From-Home!

Whether it’s a weekend, a week, a month or even longer Town & Country offers the love and home atmosphere to make your dog’s stay less stressful than an ordinary kennel. Coupled with staff that absolutely love their jobs (who wouldn’t want to hang out with dogs all day?) your canine companion will always return to familiar faces and people who know them.

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