What's Up at Town & Country Pet Boarding?

There's Always New Things At T & C Pet Boarding!

What's New?

We’ll keep you updated with new happenings at our Doggie Day Camp. There are always new things going on here!

Van Etiquette

Say goodbye quickly when you drop off your dog. It can be upsetting and confusing for your pet if you linger outside the van.

Fit Club

Has your vet told you that your pup needs to lose weight? Our new “Fit Club” helps your dog jump start his or her weight loss.

What’s New?

Our “new” manager is Sara!

She’s not new to us, she’s been here since December of 2016 but has more recently taken on the job of Manager. As she wears several hats, you will almost certainly met her in the van as she is part of our driving team. She often takes over processing new clients so you may be speaking to her on the phone. Yay Sara! You do so much!

Holiday Reservations

Because we book so quickly for the holidays, we often have a waiting list. To insure a reservation for your pet, we ask for a 5 night non refundable deposit for Christmas and 4 nights for Thanksgiving. Credit cards are now accepted and we can take your information over the phone..

Shot Requirements

We do, by law, require a current rabies vaccination. If your dog is titred instead, please mention this as we need paperwork to prove that. Up to date distemper inoculation is highly recommended when coming to camp.

We do not require the “Kennel Cough/Bordetella” or “Dog Influenza” vaccinations, however our vet highly recommends them. To remind everyone the shots are not 100% effective. It is still possible for your dog to get kennel cough or doggy influenza if they have received vaccinations. Like the human flu, the dog flu and kennel cough have many different forms of the virus.

PLEASE NOTE: The kennel cough vaccination is a live virus injected or inhaled to produce an immune reaction. We ask that if you are giving your dog the kennel cough (bordetella) shot to give it AT LEAST 1 WEEK before coming to camp. Since newly inoculated dogs are carrying the live virus they can sometimes cause a cough in other dogs.

Van Etiquette

Van Etiquette - Dropping off your dog

We all know how hard leaving your pup is! However, when your pup gets in the van we ask that you walk away afterward. It becomes very confusing and upsetting to your dog to see you on the opposite side of the door or window glass. We have no problems with you checking in on them once they get to camp, but for the sake of your pup it is better to make quick goodbyes. We ask that unless specifically requested of you by our van than that you not enter or put your hands in the van. Do not open the van door yourself.  Please allow our team to safely load and unload your dog.

Our comfortable van is forest green with a heightened roof to make our travels and your pets more comfortable. Look for our license plate of “K-9 Camp”.

Central Locations/ Timing

If you need a heads up for when the bus is picking up your pup please make sure to clarify that before the day of pick up. We do our best by giving everyone an ETA, but it is possible that we could be late or early. We can’t predict everything that will happen on the drive, but we do our very best! If you need to reach the drivers in the van the cell number is 917.364.5732.

If you are meeting the van please be sure to wait for our call. We do not want to leave anyone out waiting in the rain, snow, or cold.

Finally, please be kind and patient. The drivers are making a round trip and are in the car for many hours. Their first concern is always for the safety of your dogs, so if there is a delay, please be understanding.

Fit Club

Help your dog get fit at doggie camp.

Has your vet told you that your pup needs to lose weight? If so, let us help! Obesity is a growing epidemic for pets. An estimated 21% of our furry companions are not just overweight but obese. These numbers are expanding on a yearly basis.

At Town & Country Pet Boarding our new “Fit Club” is aimed at helping your dog jump start his or her weight loss. Using a high quality low fat kibble formula we manage your dog’s food intake in correlation with his or her size, age, and activity.

Your pup will also receive plenty of fun filled exercise with friends…they won’t even know they are working out! To see results we recommend a two to three week program.

The “Fit Club” program requires NO EXTRA charges. We have been successful with many of our “rounder” friends in the past; let us help yours in the fight against canine obesity. Obesity robs our pets of length and quality of life.

Losing those pounds will make your pup, healthier, happier and lead a much more enjoyable life. Just mention “Fit Club” when you book and start your pup on the road to good health.

After all, this is your best friend!